Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm dreaming of a white New Year's

Here we are toe deep in the new year and we are still without an ADSL connection. Now, I can be a patient person but I don’t have patience in unlimited quantities, and I think my husband is going to drive me insane if we don’t get high speed internet soon (he got Lord of the Rings online for Christmas, big mistake).

Christmas was uneventful but filled with family and good times, as it should be. My in-laws got us living room furniture for Christmas - a couch, loveseat, and two chairs in classic leather style. Finally, a place to sit downstairs! I found a dining room set I liked, so if the hubby likes it too we’ll be well on our way to a fully furnished house (except for the basement rooms and guest bedroom).

New Year’s Day we were greeted with a surprise snowstorm in the evening. Within a couple of hours it snowed at least two inches, maybe more (it looked like two inches on the gate, but seemed a bit deeper than that as we walked through it). Unfortunately, my brother-in-law was planning a name day party, and most of his guests had to turn back well before they reached our mountain compound. At least we live next door, so the party wasn’t a complete bust. Three days later the roads are *almost* fully cleared, but the snow still blankets everything. I guess this is what mountain winters are going to be like.

I hope that everyone had a great holiday season. Here’s to a spectacular 2008 for everyone (and hoping that we get ADSL in 2008!).

Only one picture uploaded this time. I’m not a masochist!



Devious Diva said...

Missing you !
Hope you get your connection as soon as possible. Like yesterday.

Happy New Year to you and Thanos.

Texas Espresso said...

Buon Anno! Hope you get highspeed internet soon!


Wishing you and the Doc a healthy and joyful Happy New Year!

Hope adsl comes soon.

TorAa said...

At least you got snow - here (Oslo, Norway) we did have a clear sky, around freezing point - and a view at New Years eve that was incredible: All the Inner Oslofjord and tons of fireworks all over. What a sight.

have a great 2008

Laurie Constantino said...

Best of luck for the new year, and hoping you have a bureaucratic breakthrough on your ADSL ASAP! I've been missing reading your blog.

Zorba the Greek said...

I wish you a happy, healthy and fruitful New Year (and with an ADSL connection soon). ;)