Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Absolut hypcrisy

Now let me get this straight. The U.S. supports F.Y.R.O.M.’s inclusion into the E.U., even though it is a country that teaches its citizens that the Macedonian region of Greece is “occupied” territory that actually belongs to them. Yet the U.S. gets all pissy about an Absolut ad campaign in Mexico that shows an early map of the United States – with all the territory Mexico once had.

I do love my country, but before the U.S. starts getting it’s panties in a wad about this, they should remember that most of the U.S. could be considered “occupied” territory, not just by Mexico, but by the American Indians and even by Britain. So I dare the United States to claim they don’t understand Greece’s objection to F.Y.R.O.M.’s NATO bid, when they can’t even accept an advertisement that depicts a historical map and the hopes of Mexicans who wish they had never ceded all that land.


chez béziat said...

I think it's a pretty cool ad by Absolut. It's always so ridiculous the things that people get all up in arms about.

From the article: "I have poured the remainder of my Absolut bottles down the sink," one blogger wrote.

Seriously? I'm skeptical. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well said Mel!

xardoum said...

Say it goldmouth!!!!!!!


I double dare them signora Mel.

connie said...

Most of the US is occupied territoy?! We fought for and /or paid for most of the US. And the rest was there to be taken. Every country in the world at one time has fought for tbe land they occupy. Does Alexander the
Great, for example, ring a bell? I really don't want to be insulting but liberals need to become better educated, and less sheep like in constantly badmouithing America without real facts - I don't know if liberals ignore the truth out of ignorance of malice.

Anonymous said...

"Every country in the world at one time has fought for tbe land they occupy."

That's exact, connie. Almost every country (including the United States, and my own country) took land by arms. So, most of the United States (or other country) is occupied territory. And your point is...? I don't understand what's your point.


melusina said...

Chez - it *is* a cool ad. And that is what it is, an ad. Now, people might have a reason to get upset if Mexico actually started taking action to regain that territory.

Flubberwinkle - You should have just skipped to the triple dog dare.

Connie - And I wish conservatives would learn to read comprehensively instead of selectively. For one, you missed the entire point of my post. For another, I didn't say the U.S. WAS occupied territory, I said it could be (and apparently is) considered to be by some people in Mexico and other places. You bring up Alexander the Great but he doesn't help your argument, he occupied the hell out of all kinds of places. War is occupation in most of these circumstances. The U.S. can get all up in arms about a flippin' ad, yet they don't understand why Greece has problems with a country that actually teaches its citizens that part of Greece belongs to them and should be reclaimed, has maps of their country that include said part of Greece, AND puts Greek national landmarks on their money? It is ironic.

Thanks Pedro, that was actually part of my point. At least some people got it. :)

Anonymous said...

Your argument is silly; you compare the political and strategic position of USA in relation to Eastern Europe with a silly Mexico ad. The only reason you did that was to downgrade the most DEMOCRATIC AND FREE country in the world.

I wonder how “cool” an ad would be if Greece prepared a map showing Instabul and Asia as Greece now occupied by Turks.

If you want to criticize the USA about its political position regarding Macedonia, enlightens us with your sophisticated knowledge rather than with childish arguments.

J.Doe said...

Here is more absolut hypocricy: Greece supports a Palestinian state when the Palestinians in their schools have maps without the state of Israel on them and they have TV shows aimed at kids which tell them to blow up Israelis and be martyrs, yet they object to the FYROM for doing the same exact thing. Neither is right, but you can't pick and choose.

Nicole said...

It's funny isn't it the stuff people get so crazy about. . .

I think well said Mel

And I think it's a groovy ad.

Lulu said...

I'm quite conservative, but hopefully still logical. :-) I havent' seen the ad, but I agree that Mel makes an excellent point here. "Sauce for the goose..." is a human idea, not an ideological one. In the same vein, I can't help but agree with j.doe as well.

Thanos said...

Much ado about nothing - or at least not much. We could just appreciate the irony and move on. It seems, by the responses both here and elsewhere, that most countries could indeed be considered "occupied", otherwise it wouldn't be such a sore spot.

I'd like to just point out one thing about J. Doe's answer - it's wrong. Now, if you'd said "some greeks" instead of "Greece" I would agree. As it stands, Greece (the state) and (most) greeks do support a palestinian state, do support palestinians, but - along with the rest of the international community - recognize the State of Israel, its sovereign status, its continuing existence. Greece condemns any act of terrorism and totally opposes any false maps, whether they include Macedonia in FYROM or ommit Israel.

Personally I don't "get" the add (I thought Absolut usually play on the shape of the bottle more than anything else), but I can appreciate the irony. It's funny and "unimportant" as long as it's happening to someone else. As soon as California appears to be "part of Mexico" - even in an ad - all hell breaks loose. I'm not judging, I can imagine the reaction of greeks if Absolut included the Parthenon in a turkish map - even "as an ad".

Let's smile, appreciate the irony and take the opportunity to learn something more about ourselves.

Anonymous said...

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