Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I must be an idiot

Are you not supposed to be able to crush ice in blenders? I always thought that was one of the great purposes of a blender, unless my margarita haze was blinding me to the fact that trying to blend drinks with ice caused broken blades and badly mixed drinks.

Anyway, I tried to crush some ice in our blender to mix with a granita mix, and it just wouldn't happen. The blades stubbornly refused to move the ice at all, in fact, the blade mechanism slid up so it wasn't even spinning at all anymore. It could be that our multi-purpose mixer/food processor/blender is multi-crap (although the mixer and food processor parts work pretty well). I finally got my granita by using one of those bags you fill with water to make ice thingies with tiny, tiny slots for the ice and using that in the blender, but I still had to open up halfway through to push down the ice/granita mixture so it would blend better.

I'm thinking we need a real blender.


dolphin said...

The ultimate in blenders. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Did you have liquid in there, or just ice? You should be able to grind up just about anything in your blender, but it almost never works without liquid.

I always put the drink mix/liquor in first, then ice, before turning the blender on.

Laurie Constantino said...

What anonymous says is exactly right. Without the liquid going in first, I've never been able to get a blender to grind ice.

melusina said...

Dolphin - that looks like an awesome blender, with an awesome price.

I'll try the liquid thing. The granita mix is dry so I'll add a little ice water next time and hope it works.

CaliforniaKat said...

Anonymous and Laurie took my answer.

I have an Oster that I imported from the USA and convert its voltage, and it's brilliant.

Anonymous said...


I've read your blog on and off since we THOUGHT we were moving to Greece last year. So that's who I am- not really a stalker. :)

About the ice- add enough water to the blender that the ice will be completely covered - then pulse on the highest speed you have until crushed. Then strain it. HTH, Mary

Still wishing we could have moved to Greece.

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