Friday, December 19, 2008

High class

You know you live in a classy city when you park downtown and find a brochure from a "by the hour" hotel on your windshield. Ironically, the couple pictured on the cover of the pamphlet was sleeping. Because sometimes you just need a place where you can sleep for a couple of hours in the middle of the day.


bryan-in-greece said...

How much did it quote per hour? :-)

Anonymous said...

I hope you're on commision Mel for this place, it looks like you've found them a customer!

Bryan, be sure to come back and post a review sometime soon!


melusina said...

Bryan, I think the brochure said 35 euros for a "half stay". I guess you get more than an hour, since obviously you need more than an hour for sleeping. ;)

LOL, ED. =p

bryan-in-greece said...

I might just be able to squeeze a power sleep into an hour. I wonder if they do portions of a "half stay"? Could be useful next time I am down in Thessaloniki with the little lady on a shopping trip. Did the brochure say anything about clean sheets??? :-)

Cheryl said...

How come I never got one? :)
I laughing my butt off over here!!!!!