Friday, September 23, 2011

Virtual reality

Cityscapes in Greece tend towards the dreary and mundane. There are a few architectural gems nestled amongst the standard seven- or eight-story polikatoikia, but for the most part buildings are simply vast expanses of concrete suited to the purpose of housing multiple residences and shops. Denizens do what they can to brighten their spaces – balconies become virtual jungles, filled with potted plants and melancholy songbirds. Still, without the glamour of shopping and people-watching, walking around the city can be monotonous at best, unless you find your route along the sea. So imagine my delight when this mural sprang up on a street I frequently haunt. It is a cheerful respite from the blight of building edges, usually caked with dirt and peeling paint. It serves as a portal into an imaginary world, away from the humdrum of the city, even though its surroundings are a constant reminder of reality.

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Infindecimal slice said...

I would suggest taking a walk around the "upper city" if you are in Thessaloniki, its much more scenic.

Hopefully the construction going on in the seafront will not take too long.