Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cultural heritage

The Acropolis has been named the first site of the brand spanking new European Cultural Heritage list, to the glee of many Greeks wearing suits. To its credit, I don't know if the Acropolis actually needs such acknowledgment, because it seems sort of obvious to me that it is an important part of European cultural heritage.

It is quite ironic that such a celebration would just now be held for the Acropolis, because it just so happens that the Parthenon in Nashville was recently named the first site of the brand spanking new Best Backdrop for Frisbee Golf list.

And thus, all was right with the world.

P.S. Remind me not to post when I'm jacked up on cold medicine


Yianna said...

I think there is an Acropolis at a mini-golf course in Myrtle Beach, too. Frisbee golf is better though.

On another, somewhat related note, I had a dream about Andrew McCarthy last night and it so happened we were at the Acropolis. Cheesy, sure, but I'm pretty sure we were also flying.

Anonymous said...

Hi there

I am going to classical greece in the summer and after the Acropolis I don't know where to go.. Can you help me?

Anonymous said...

How can any place that hosted a live Yanni concert NOT be on the cultural heritage list?!?

Thistlemoon said...

Yeah, the first thing that came to my mind was the Yanni concert there - I hate to admit it, but I did buy the album...;)

Pee Wee said...

The Parthenon here in Nash-Vegas is pretty cool, especially Athena inside, but frisbee golf is totally gay.....

What's a Yanni?