Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fasting? Why suffer?

Last night I had the strangest dream. In it, I was eating the most moist, delicious chocolate cake I had ever had. In the middle of the cake was a thick layer of chocolate cream. I could taste every fabulous bite, and it was so good I didn’t want to wake up.

Nothing lets you know you’ve been fasting too long than dreaming about cake. I never dream about food, so I know it was a side-effect of an extreme lack of chocolate. Of course, the first thing I did online today was search for vegan chocolate cake recipes. I found one that had a high rating, and decided to try it. It may just be the dessert recipe that saves this fasting period. It definitely deserves the four and a half star rating, and it is easy enough to make I’ll probably make it instead of traditional cake even when we aren’t fasting.

God bless the internet. I've found so many delicious vegan recipes, fasting has become a fun way to try new things that become a regular part of our diet.


Tim said...

Oi, my sympathies? I suppose that's something that could offend some folks.

Now that I think about it, though, fasting can have a beneficial affect even if you take away the religion altogether. It cleanses the body, and perhaps everyone should adopt such a practice.

There are people, unfortunately - such as I - that would be terrible at following a fasting guidline.

Cheryl said...

If there's a will, there's a way! :)

Laurie Constantino said...

It's important to make food you dream about, especially during Lent.

[And so very thoughtful of the above poster to try and help you furnish your new house...with all the money going to support "gifted kids in Kenya." Um hum. Oops - it's apprarently a US company - it might be a little hard getting the furniture to Greece. I'm sure you would have otherwise purchased it, especially given the author's thoughtfulness is spamming your blog.]

melusina said...

Tim, I actually do like the fasting period, despite my constant bitching. It is definitely a good time to cleanse and purge all those animal products out, and because my husband and I don't fry anything and use much less olive oil in recipes, we can usually count on losing about a pound a week while fasting. Now if we could only keep it off afterwards.

Cheryl - exactly!

Laurie - most definitely, especially when a chocolate craving is that strong. World best stay away when something comes between a woman and her chocolate! I deleted the furniture sales comment. I wish spammers would just find something else to do with their time rather than rip people off on their weird scams.

CaliforniaKat said...

LOL! Why suffer? Aren't you glad you got your ADSL back before Lent?

I fast a few days a month that is more strict than Lent, having nothing to do with religion, just general wellness. It's tough the first 24-48 hours, but ultimately I feel so much better and "cleaner" afterward.

Now I'm thinking about chocolate cake. I blame you. :)

melusina said...

Sorry Kat. =) I do a "juice and crackers" fast now and then for general cleansing. We can't even keep up with the religious fasting during the week, and we couldn't keep it up during Christmas (which is a less strict fast, because you can have fish). Although the more recipes I find, the more dishes make their way into our normal diet, and the easier it becomes to fast Wed, Fri, and during long fasting times.