Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Morning coffee

The view I enjoy with my morning coffee.


nottryingforaboy said...

Wow, that's beautiful. I stumbled upon your blog yesterday.

xardoum said...

Mount Hortiatis!!!Oh dear..this video reminds me about the view of my appartement in Cardiff...pissed British shouting at 4:00 in the morning...so touching.. ;0)

Γειά σου ρε sister in law...σε 10 μέρες έρχομαι κι εγώ για καφέ πάνω..καιρός ήτανε..

Rositta said...

Lucky you, enjoy that coffee...ciao

Cheryl said...

Simply beautiful.

Anonymous said...

a tennesse girl from the great smoky mountains of the apalachian
mountain chain,,,,

drinking coffee, on mount olumpus

xmmmm,, there is a book ,,

there somewere,,?