Friday, May 09, 2008


From Kathimerini, May 9th Cartoon of the Day


Rositta said...

The joke's on us isn't it...there are no "free" elections in Russia, only crownings. They have already sent their bombers out over Canada's north to see if they can get away with it, same old, same old...ciao

melusina said...

I know. Medevdev (or however you spell it) is so obviously a puppet. I view Russia very suspiciously these days, I guess I never really stopped having grown up during the Cold War. That stuff they've been doing over Canada is way out of line. It just seems to me they are trying to show the world they have some military might again.

xardoum said...

Well, i suppose it's a good thing that Uncle Sam has a quite strong opponent..Just to stop messing with countries half a globe away, if possible..