Saturday, May 31, 2008

Is there a better way to tell the world you're an asshole?

Supreme Court prosecutor Giorgos Sanidas moved yesterday to block the country’s first gay marriage after the mayor of the island of Tilos said he was willing to go ahead with the ceremony.

Sanidas intervened to stop the ceremony that has been planned to take place this summer by declaring same-sex marriages illegal.

“Marriage between gays is not provided in current legislation and the Constitution,” said Sanidas in a circular sent to prosecutors in Rhodes. The prosecutor also said the mayor of Tilos, Tassos Aliferis, would face criminal charges if he went ahead with the wedding.

I guess Greece isn't interested in staying in the E.U. Honestly, if a mostly Catholic country like Spain can allow gay marriages, an Orthodox country like Greece can do it too. And for those people who say that gays can take advantage of the system by getting married, plenty of heterosexual marriages are farces - maybe we should ban all marriage.


Laurie Constantino said...

Let's see if it sticks. There are glimmers of rationality on the horizon - they governor of New York is seeking to recognize gay marriages that occur in other jurisdictions. This change is happening too slowly for me.

John said...

Although I agree with your article on this issue, and support any person wanting to get married, I might ask you to be careful about calling the Greek leader of the Supreme court an As*hole even if it is done passively. From what I've read, Greek blogs don't have the same freedoms as blogs abroad.

Good post, but please be careful so you don't get in trouble.

Northerner said...

Just a few thoughts.

1)Sanidas is not a law maker, he is a prosecutor.If something is against the law he has the obligation, not just the right, to enforce the law.

2)If you want to compare Greece to another EU country, especially if you are talking about religion, then compare it to Italy, not Spain.

3)I don't think the EU cares that much about this issue as you make it out to be.If it did, then there would be european legislation with regards to the matter.So, i really doubt our EU membership is at stake.

And by the way, the EU has a lot more serious problems to deal with in other EU country members to even make recommendations to Greece about this issue.Let alone consider other measures.

blue cave said...

Well, it's called hypocrisy. A hobby lots of my compatriots tend to exercise these days. And once more we are just gonna get ridiculed in the EU to finally get forced to respect the elementary human rights of a big part of this country's population. It's a shame.

But i am sure, even if the church or the neo-conservative government reacts, the victory is close for this matter.

Διαγόρας said...

> maybe we should ban all marriage.

I mean, think about it: married people enjoy benefits that single people do not. Isn't this a discrimination against single persons?