Sunday, June 01, 2008

Happy landings are all alike

For all you airplane fans out there I present to you the money shot of airplane porn - the landing video. In other words, this is footage my aviator nut husband took of our landing in Thessaloniki on our way home from our trip to Crete. All in all, it looks pretty cool to see our fair city from the sky.

The shot is a little weird a bit into it because my husband, brilliant man that he is, decided to turn the camera around to take the video. Thankfully we were able to turn it around with software and it doesn't take too much from the total experience. It would have been better had we not been next to the wing, though.


deviousdiva said...

That was scary !
(I hate flying)
It reminded me of the landing in Jamaica when you land just off the beach. I really thought we were going to end up in the sea. You could have heard a pin drop as we were approaching but when we touched down there was the loudest applause and cheering.


Rositta said...

That is a way cool video and even though I hate take off and landing this one seemed perfect. Almost makes me look forward to my next trip to Greece (September)...ciao

Anonymous said...

I have a healthy fear of heights, but strangely, not of flying. Sure, I get a little nervous at takeoffs and landings, but I don't get nauseated and weak like I do standing on the edge of something very tall. Go figure.

Hey Mel, I've just finished the write-up of Aleksey's market in Nashville. I've also renamed my site.
It's now at:

Cheryl said...

That was really cool. The music was great too. Did you see your home from there?
Oh, and when's your next vacation?:)

Anonymous said...

Cool video Mel.... flying doesn't really bother me at all... you've got a good view of the city from there. I used to love the landings into the old Hellinikon airport here in Athens, you'd fly so low you'd think you'd be able to reach out and touch the buildings. Now when you land into Eleftherios Venizelos, you get a view of the Attiki Odos and the dreaded Ikea!!!! Yuk!

Rositta, I have to ask... who are you flying with? Have you forgiven Olympic yet?


Lulu Barbarian said...

Neato! Landing in Hong Kong is an over-the-water landing like that. Scary, but pretty!