Friday, January 12, 2007

Homemade terrorism

My need to sleep off the remaining sickness has really impaired my ability to keep up with the news here and abroad, including the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Athens this morning. In the Greek press at least, there still seems to be some speculation on whether the attack was of a domestic or foreign variety, as apparently the claims of responsibility by 17th November wannabe group Revolutionary Struggle are still in question.

Targeting American interests is nothing new in Greece, although in the past couple of years it seemed to be regulated more to pipe bombing a McDonald's here and there and protests - not "act of war" activities like shooting missiles at a U.S. Embassy from across the street. Considering that the street the U.S. Embassy is on is littered with embassies of many nations, you gotta wonder how someone could have pulled this off.

I realize that embassies make good targets because it sends a message, but in the end I don't think much is accomplished by such activities aside from a lot of diplomatic and political posturing. For the most part, injuries are done to people who have absolutely no control over U.S. policy, and nothing changes aside from stepped up security and a general sense of fear. As if such a thing would make the U.S. government would stop doing what they are doing. And I think terrorists who do such things already know that. Kill for the love of kill - if terrorists would just start admitting that is why they do what they do instead of some blathering bs about virtue or religion or whatever the hell they like to pretend they are fighting for it might be easier to figure them all out.

On the upside, it is nice to know there is a steady supply of ancient Russian rocket launchers and god knows what else out there floating around. Terrorists might be homegrown, but the industry seems to get support from the world.


Anonymous said...

I did catch the news this morning about the attack. It doesn't surprise me that they managed to do it. You can guard a place as heavily as you like but I suppose you can't stop someone with a hand held rocket. It is shocking that these looney tunes have access to rockets (it worrys me also that these terrorists have them as well haha)

I agree with your post 100%. I'm sick to the back teeth of these groups who go around attacking businesses and private property.

I'm curious as to what the point of this attack was. I suspect it was for no other reason except to [i]'show they could do it'[/i].

As you say, the workers in the embassies worldwide have no real impact on the politics of the country, they are just people doing a job.

I think really we have to be grateful that no-one was hurt.

Scruff said...

The appeals of two 17N member trials are this month, as well as the anniversary of the Guantanamo Bay Military Prison.

Probably a coincidence, but hey, I'm throwing out this conspiracy theory just the same.

Of course, on a few "intellectual" Greek TV Channels, they are speculating that the USA did this to themselves. But, I'm telling them to get some new material and why don't they quit this "copy and paste" mentality when it comes to conspiracy theories.

The best things of course were that no one was hurt, and that Ambassador Ries apologized for the traffic jams that ensued after blocking the streets around the Embassy (nice touch I'd say for Mr. Ries).

Hopefully, the newly "Olympic Trained" Greek police will catch these bastards. Kudos to the Greek Government for their support and quick reaction.

Anonymous said...


Just out of interest, what channels are you refering too? The ones who speculated that the USA did this to themselves?

I didn't see that speculation on the news shows I saw basically because this case was open and shut. Rocket was fired and within an hour, a call claiming responsibility had been made.

Name and shame the channels you're referring too.

Scruff said...

ED: I don't remember now specifically which two channels but it was one of those news shows where they had 4-5 windows open and all the guests were screaming over the top of each other (i.e., presenting their monologues concurrently.)