Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oscar who?

For the first time in my life I can say I have not seen one movie that has been nominated for an Academy Award. There are movies on the list that we intended to see, but movies can come and go here so fast we usually miss out. Not to mention that anything filmed in a language other than English is out for me because I don't have a large enough Greek vocabulary.

I had been waiting forever for An Inconvenient Truth to be released here - if it was, it came and went in a week and I totally missed it. Oh well. At least we have a DVD rental place right around the corner and a movie channel that is pretty good about showing award winning movies as soon as they can get their hot little hands on them.

Still, it is pretty weird not being able to have any opinion at all about Oscar nominees. Definitely a first for me, even though I'd been growing increasingly lukewarm about them in the last few years.
Oscar definitely ain't what he used to be.

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St. Caffeine said...

I've only seen a couple of them, but I can tell you that you MUST see Little Miss Sunshine. It's one of those rare formulaic movies that turns out to be a good bit more. Plus, it's just a fun, fun movie. You won't regret it. I doubt, though, it stands much of a chance of winning the big prize.