Monday, January 01, 2007

While we all waited for St. Vassilis...

St. Vassilis is the Greek version of Santa Claus, and technically speaking, he doesn't come until January 1st, which happens to be his name day. We gathered with family to enjoy the festive night in anticipation of the new year, and generally we ate, drank, and were merry.

A few of us staged a fierce economic battle over strategic cities in Europe by playing Euro Monopoly.

Finally 2007 arrived, and in short order the vassilopita was cut, with great excitement over who would be rewarded with the coin. My mother-in-law was the lucky one, which I am sure means good fortune to those she gave birth to, which means my husband and I should do well this year, despite spending enormous amounts of wealth on new kitchens.

A glorious time was had by all, although everyone over the age of 30 was tired by 2am.


Scruff said...

Legend has it that St. Bill (Vassilis) is St. Nick's alcoholic brother and was initially one of Santa's (St. Nick) Helpers.

Apparently, on one Christmas eve many years ago, Santa (St. Nick) was too ill so he got brother Bill to do the rounds instead.

However, Bill got so snookered up on the sauce that he missed the Christmas Eve run. So, to make up for it, he went out on on New Year's Eve and delivered all the toys.

As punishment for this lapse, Santa (St. Nick) banished St. Bill every year to do the rounds for some of the third world countries (i.e., Greece, Bangladesh etc) but to continue it on New Years' eve.

So, Ag. Vassilis became sort of a "poor man's" Santa Claus.

Also, I heard that he has done such a good job that even Coke-A-Cola allows him year after year to wear the red suit they had initially designed for St. Nick.

(Note: not true, just kidding)

Anonymous said...

zardoz says :

Now that was hilarioys
bravo scruff.=z=

scruff said...

zardoz, glad you liked. I had hoped no one would be offended so I put the caveat (just kidding) at end.

Happy New Year..

Anonymous said...

I notice from the TV you were watching 'Stin Yeia Mas'... did you see the actress who plays Theopoula in Sto Para Pente on the show? She got into the spirit of the occaision!


PS: Billy was kind to me this year!

melusina said...

We had the show on but weren't *really* watching. There was too much going on!