Monday, November 27, 2006

Life's little ironies

I'm still trying to figure out how I can get sick on Thanksgiving in a country that doesn't even celebrate Thanksgiving. Sure, I know why I always got sick on major holidays in the U.S., but really, why here? I guess it is part of that inner conditioning I spoke about, mere mention of a holiday and my throat constricts, my temperature rises, and my nose fills up. Honestly, though, I prefer to blame it on my husband, for bringing all sorts of interesting little microbes home from the hospital.

Four days later, and I am in the "I'm-really-tired-of-this-why-can't-I-stop-coughing-and-blowing-my-nose" phase, which I know means I am near the end. Even though I feel worse during the fever phase, the constant coughing of this final phase seems more terrible, because there is no rest when you are coughing. And coughing. And coughing. Wow, cough is a funny looking word.

On the upside (maybe the downside) I've been able to vegetate on my couch and pray for movies to come on our movie channel that I haven't seen before. So I finally watched Star Wars: Episode III and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Honestly, of the last three Star Wars movies this was the best, although my general feeling is that none of them should have been made at all. For some reason they kinda ruin the old ones for me.

As for Mr. and Mrs. Smith, what a waste of movie reels. I got so bored by it I actually removed myself from my sanctuary on the couch and browsed websites. Both actors seem to have forgotten how to act (and both of them certainly lean towards being good actors usually), although the script didn't help too much. I didn't expect anything grand out of this movie but I figured it would be an action oriented picture that would at least occupy me for a couple of hours. Nope.

Here's hoping I'm better tomorrow so I can go back to reading and writing without words looking all squiggly and fuzzy. I just can't take another bad movie.


Nicole said...

Feel better!



I suppose it's another of life's little ironies that you display
little regard for we 'old timers'.

Isn't it curious that some human
beings prove quite productive, even
past the thirty mark!

At any rate, I wish you and your
lovely wife a very long
and reasonably cheerful life,
free from the Mutahwa & Ayatollah.

The Burka is an ugly garment, don't
you think? reb