Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Maybe there *is* a God

Frist isn't running for President in 2008. Tennessee can stay an obscure, Southern state that most Greeks don't know about. And maybe the Republicans can get a candidate worth a damn, so that if they do win again, we won't be in for another four to eight years of a living nightmare.



Perhaps there is a Creator/God out

This much is certain. Whether his name is Jehovah, Jesus, or Allah,
He Is Mute, and has no inclination to communicate with his human creations. Do you blame Him?

He witnesses all manner of Popes, Grand Ayatollahs & Pious Imams, &
here is the USA we see a wild group
of Televangelists all competing for
your $1000 "Seed if Faith"...sent to P.O. Box 00001, Housten, Texas.

They are all eager to be The One True Spokeman of the MUTE GOD. They dare refer to themselves as
Reverend! Robertson, Falwell, Popoff, and all Pray In Public...

Now, Jesus warned them not to do it
Matthew 6:5 Do they listen to Him?
Sorry About The Rant. I really would appreciate hearing from a
Nashville girl, and I wondered if
you have any Sunni or Shia Mosques
in Greece?

My Weblog is an Informative Effort,
and I'd apprecieate a Comment on our History post. reb, Oak Ridge

AT said...

Y'know, I shocked the table I was sitting at during the GAC wake thing at Barleys, but saying that I think the next Republican candidate will wind up being a better choice than the next Democrat one. True, I did have several beers in me, but I still find it to be a sensible prediction.
What the country needs is some sort of philosophical change in leadership. I mean, not the same two philosophies its had for the past 40 or so years, but something different.
If the Democrats had the sheer balls to run an Edwards/Obama ticket, it might work out. But they won't. They're going to play it party-safe, and run, if not Hillary, than another solid party linesman, rather than a potential wildcard.
The Repubs, tho, know that, right now, everybody's sick of their party. They're going to have to go through a quantum change, I think, to hang onto power. They'll get rid of that "Contract with America" bullcrap, and move onto something else. Yeah, it'd still be right wingy enough to irritate me, but it might be more conscientious than anything else, at least in 2008.
Course, thats just my rambling.

melusina said...

AT, you know that is the thing. I am not naive enough to think that just because someone is a Democrat (a party I happen to agree with on many things) that they will make the best President. Party politics is very limiting.

Can you imagine Guiliani on the Republican ticket? Now that might be something.