Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Five weird things

Tim, my Tennessee friend living life up in the frozen North has done the honor of tagging me. Now I realize I have not yet answered my tag by Flubberwinkle and Kassandra on the "about the blog" meme, but this one is much simpler and requires less thought than that one. Five weird things about myself, when I'm not even that weird! Piece of cake!

1 I bite and pull my fingernails. This seems rather common, I know, but there is a twist: I only bite and pull at the fingernails on my ring fingers on both hands. The other nails I leave alone, although I have to file them down frequently, because my ring fingers actually make me look like I’ve been tortured with some kind of fingernail pulling device.

2 Whenever I eat something in a wrapper (a candy bar, tsurekakia, potato chips, etc.) I fold the wrapper into a tiny square and sit on it. I have no idea why I do this, although it seems to go along with my whole need to consolidate trash.

3 When I was ten years old, my best friend and I got in a dog poo fight with her big sister, who was a real twat. If you want to know what exactly a dog poo fight entails, think of snow ball fight but with a smelly, brown substance. I did not have a predisposition for using dog poo as an instrument of violence, I actually thought it was quite disgusting, but these are the things that childhood ire can drive you to do. Not to mention, it was the big sister who started it. Of course, now as an adult I feel the need to question why their basement was literally filled to the brim with dog poo.

4 I scare myself awake about every other night. It seems to be some kind of weird, hallucinogenic type dream/vision that does it, maybe I am not fully asleep yet when it happens. It is usually linked to something I think I see or feel in reality, like an earthquake or a giant half bug/half frog creature crawling on the wall. The rush of adrenaline is insane, I just hope I don’t give myself a heart attack one of these nights.

5 I have a history of odd celebrity crushes. It started when I was five with Tony Randall, continued with Peter Sellers, Carl Sagan, David Bowie, and Boy George. By the time I hit my 20’s I guess I stopped looking for humor, intelligence, and weirdness in my celebrity crushes and started the Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, etc. phase. Then I had the celebrity couples phase (David Duchovny and Tea Leoni) and now I don’t really have a current celebrity crush, as my obsession with Michael Vartan finally passed. Hmm, I need a new celebrity crush!

See, I’m not weird at all!

I tag everyone and no one. A lot of Nashville folks have recently done this one, and since I don’t typically tag (I don’t play nice) if you feel like doing it, or want to leave weird things about yourself in the comments knock yourselves out.


AT said...

Thats a pretty interesting mixed bag...
It sounds like you're kinda describing night terrors. My psyche learnin consists of a halfway dropped out semester, but mebbe its when you first start hitting the 'paralysis' of sleep that your brain, still sorta awake, panics.
Don't know what you'd do for that. Alcohol is always a solution (as for most things)
Not touching the dog poo, other than to go... huh? I grew up a boy pretty much the whole time, and I don't ever remember a dog poo fight.

Pee Wee said...

Interesting. Like AT I too am not touching the dog-poo thing.

Um, what's tsurekakia? I don't think they serve that in North Nash-Vegas.....

Tim said...

Yeah, Pooks is constantly getting onto me about ripping my nails and cuticles to shreds. I wonder what it is about humans that makes so many of us do this? It has to be some evolutionary nervousness passed down.

I used to fold my gum wrappers into squares and put them into my shirt pocket at work until I had a collection of 20 - 30 wrappers. I chewed a lot of Trident.

Ugh - dog poo. I'd want to know why all that dog poo is doing down there, too. I suppose the closest I or any other of my childhood friends came to doing such a thing was daring one another to pick up a terd. And they say we adults are the odd ones . . .

Flubberwinkle said...

This little quip popped immediately to mind: Aren't you glad shampoo smells better than dog poo?


melusina said...

AT, I guess it could be night terrors, but I think the hubby would tell me if it was. And I don't know if it is that extreme. Yes, yes, the dog poo. I know. It was desperation.

PeeWee, Tsureki is a Greek sweet bread - made with anise (I think). It is very tasty, and not everyone likes it. Tsurekakia are the little packaged ones.

Tim, I know, I torture myself with the two nails. It is quite sick, really, because they hurt all the time and get infected. You collected gum wrappers - you could have made those cool chains out of them! Every kid thinks picking up poo is nasty until faced with one flying unexpectedly at your head.

Flubberwinkle - too funny.