Monday, December 25, 2006

O Holy Night


John H said...

wonderful pic!

Merry Merry to you. I hope you are (or did enjoy) enjoying the day.


Cynthia Rae said...

I tried to leave a message yesterday, but blogger wouldnt let me. Sorry to hear that your husband had to work a 24 hours shift. I got stuck working many Christmases (plural for Christmas?) when I worked on the ambulance. At least my shifts were only 12 hours and always at night though. Hope you will have a great New Years Eve though.

I started the cookie baking tradition only after moving to Italy. For three holidays in a row I have slaved in the kitchen making cookies for friends and loved ones. They all love the American treats! Next year come here and we can bake our cookies together. I will even buy you a couple of cookie sheets (well, here they are really pizza sheets but it works)!

As for the taking cats, there is always our little Roscoe. Though he talks most nights, not just on the holidays! Hehehehe!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
Buon natale!