Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ominous Nashville

The weirdest things make me homesick these days, like this brilliant picture of lightning striking behind the "Bat" building in Nashville. It is like a punch in the stomach, seeing something so recognizable in the Nashville skyline, and knowing I can't see that building any old time I want to anymore (not that I ever looked at that building on purpose, I definitely took it, and everything else about Nashville, for granted). The pictures make me feel so close to home I can almost touch it, before it fades away like a puff of smoke in my memories.

I guess the answer to the question "how long before you realized you were really homesick after moving abroad?" is 4 years.


Cynthia Rae said...

I dont think the homesickness will ever go away. It is just part of our expat life. I seem to do better when I don't see pictures of Indy. I also find the longer I am in Italy without a visit back home, the less homesick I feel. I was doing ok, after NOT being in Indy for over a year. Now that I have been back, I feel sooooo homesick! The pictures on my blog yesterday didn't help either.

It may not help Mel, but know that you are not alone in your feelings. And remember, home will always be there waiting for you whenever you feel like going back for a visit.


Muffy said...

That sounds right - 4 years after college was done with and I had to actually LIVE life (Bills, responsibilities etc).

Are you never coming back to Nashville? Even for visits?

Tracie B. said...

it's taken me 3 and a half...nice to know i'm not alone :)

melusina said...

Yea Cyn, pictures are hard. I haven't been back to the U.S., but I can't imagine it is easy. It is a weird thing we have to get used to here - it isn't like up and moving to another state.

Muffy, I probably will be back to Nashville at some point, but since my family doesn't live there anymore, and a few of my friends have moved away, there isn't as much pulling me back aside from the fact that it was my home. Well yea, I do have friends there still, though - so maybe some time it will work out.

You are definitely not alone Tracie B.!