Friday, December 08, 2006

I'm no Martha Stewart

This is the extent of our Christmas decorating this year (yea, I know the tree looks like crap, but you can't see the lights with the flash on)

and this:

I'm still not brave enough to risk a whole tree with cats running around. We'll see how long this tree lasts before it gets knocked over.


CHEZ BEZ said...

That looks perfect - in a Charlie Brown Christmas kind of way.

Thanks for sharing.

Alice in Austria said...

What do you mean, "crap"? That tree's just darn CUTE!!!! And the table, to echo chez bez, looks perfect!!!

St. Caffeine said...

You've got me beat by a mile. I'm going for the "apathy award" in the neighborhood contest. Of course my yearly failure to erect a tree does not stop friends from giving me Christmas ornaments (nice ones, baseball themed) every single year. Sigh.

Emily said...

I used to have a cat that would steal all the candy canes and run down the hall with them sticking out of his mouth like he was a dog with a big bone.
You are definitely ahead of me in the decoration department so far!

J.Doe said...

I think that tree is festive and fits the need of Christmas. It is cute too.

Anonymous said...

Well you're more Christmassy than us, to date we've done nothing which isn't unusual. Last year, I went OTT and decorated the outside of our house. It was fun except I quickly lost interest so I think it was March by the time I got around to taking them down!

melusina said...

Aw, Chez Bez, Charlie Brown! I wish I could find those on DVD here. Been ages since I've seen them.

Alice, thanks. It is a cute tree. I just miss BIG trees.

St. Caffeine, at least some day you'll have a nice collection of ornaments for a baseball themed tree!

Emily, that is pretty funny. I don't think my cats have been introduced to candy canes - now I'm sure they won't be!

Thanks J. Doe.

Lol, Ellas, I've had trees up until March before, when I lived alone. I think taking down a Christmas tree (well, a big one) is the saddest task in the world.