Friday, September 21, 2007

Even city girls get the blues

Well, the race towards moving day has officially begun. We’ve nailed down a mover and are ready to really start packing. Of course, the same old questions keep popping up as in every move. We bought some boxes, but will that be enough? Can we really get packed in time for the movers to arrive? Will the cats totally freak out? Will I ever be settled somewhere for more than two years? Will possessed wild bunnies with vampire teeth and a fifteen foot wingspan attack us on moving day? Who knows. I’ve never lived in the country before, so I am trying to be prepared for anything.

At least the house is basically ready. The kitchen never quite got all the way finished (ok, it is just a matter of hooking up the pipe to the stove hood and covering the horrible hole in the wall created for its insertion, but why couldn’t the kitchen place have finished that? oh, yeah, I forgot, it’s rocket science) and that is a major annoyance. We have some basics the electrician and plumber will take care of on moving day. Unfortunately, there will be no pictures, because our camera grew legs and disappeared mysteriously while my husband was in Wales. I think Voldemort got hold of it and put an Imperius curse on it or something. Who can ever tell about these things? The Muggle life is hard. Magic would definitely improve the moving process, that is for sure.

And for the cherry on top of this delicious treat we call Moving Into a New Home, it looks like there might be some underground digging in order for us to get a phone line, even though all the basic wirings so we could be connected right away were supposed to have been completed when they were building the house. I’m sure we’ll be in for a year of fun Alexander Graham Bell never considered when he invented the blasted thing. A phone I can live without, but I’m sure I will die of internet starvation. There are worse things I could die from, I suppose.

All I can say is: I frakkin’ hate moving. Gods help me.


Joanne said...

Fact: If you want something done right in Greece, you gotta slip 'em a couple of extra bills.

Katerina said...

Hey Mel!

My mom lives in a super tiny village in north Peloponissos, and there is no DSL (nor plans to bring it) - she survives with an extra phone line and 128k ISDN - not cheap but better than a 56k modem. Good luck!!

- Katerina

Anonymous said...

Joanne - you're very negative. Every comment I read with your name on is sooo down in the mouth!

Mel - good luck with the move! I hope all goes well!

Anonymous said...


were rooting for yaz

hope youre up

and about soon , on the net.

have fun settling in =Z=

Joanne said...

Thanks "EllasDevil" - glad that you noticed. That is my specialty: critiquing things in life. I don't see Mel complaining - why are you?

CaliforniaKat said...

So both American women I know in the north are moving. I'll be thinking of you!

You'll notice that a lot of stuff grows legs around the time you move, and some stay hidden well after you're settled. I still can't find our candleholders from the USA or anything else on my "MIA list" on the fridge. :(

It's exciting to move into your own house though, isn't it? I'm looking forward to hearing how the cats cope. My sibling's cats roamed around for months looking permanently surprised and suspicious. >^^<

Athena-Liana Smith said...

Hey Mel
My husband is a native New Yorker, we lived in Athens for 15 years, he did not complain much... but I could not take it, although I am Greek. In our ripe middle age we packed up and we moved back to the US.
Sorry if I sound sour.... but my list of complaints is soooooooo long!

Anonymous said...

Joanne - I don't know why you thought I was complaining. I would say it was more of a comment. I'm sure you have reasons as to why you feel the way you do.

Athena, I can imagine!

deviousdiva said...

Good luck with the move! I know exactly what you're going through... I am only just recovering after almost two months made infinitely worse by having no phone or internet all that time.

I hope it all goes smoother for you.