Monday, September 03, 2007

More on donations for Greek fires

A site, I Help Greece, has been set up to handle international donations via credit card directly into the fund to aid fire-stricken areas set up by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. This account is intended to assist fire victims and restore materials damaged.

From the site, on the magnitude of the disaster:

73 human lives and 2,5 million square meters of land turned to ashes are the casualties of this summer’s 6.000 fires. The fires in Peloponnesus and Evia have caused the death of 63 and injuries in tens of others, while the number of missing people still remains unknown. 1,5 million square meters of land have been burnt in Peloponnesus according to conservative estimations, while hundreds of houses have been burnt to the ground and local economy has collapsed. Previous fires in Ahaia, Rethymnon, Larisa and Evia resulted to the death of 10 people. Massive fires in Parnitha, Grammos, and Egialia have burnt hundred thousand square meters of agricultural and forest land. Pilio, Crete, Skiathos, Kefallonia, Korinthia, Pieria, Kozani, Fthiotida and Kilkis have also suffered severely by fires.

Hat tip to EllasDevil for the info.

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