Saturday, September 15, 2007

TV for the homesick

A new reality show set in Nashville started Friday night, and although it looks insanely stupid, I wish I could watch it just to get glimpses of home. It’ll remind me of all my experiences on the fringes of the music biz (although I did enjoy working at the Bluebird Café for the short time I was there) and my college days at Belmont before I came to my senses and switched my major from Music Business to English (I’m just not willing to kiss enough ass to be in the music industry). Maybe I’ll get lucky and some day STAR channel (the Greek station most likely to pick up newer cheesy T.V. shows) will get hold of it.

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Joanne said...

I do not watch television at all. Movies, documentaries and films - yes! but standard t.v. - no thanks!

Recently, while vacationing in Greece - I would occasionally turn on the t.v. in the p.m. just to catch up on news and see what's new in commercials, advertising and popular culture with the Greeks...pardon me but Greek television is 'insanely stupid' offense but the trash that is aired is out of this world...who watches these shows?? The 'katinas' of the village?
And it appears that it is usually the same 5 actors/actresses over and over again that are the leading men/women on these sitcoms...the very same guys(& gals) who 13 years ago when I lived in Greece, also appeared in similar silly t.v. programs.
I think I'll stick to the film festivals and documentaries and the occasional Hollywood blockbuster film for entertainment.

TV sucks - amen!