Saturday, February 03, 2007

All the king's men

There is a bit of an upset in Greek politics right now. It seems the opposition doesn’t think the ruling government is doing a good job. Now, they aren’t accusing anyone of any criminal wrongdoing, but in general they don’t think the government is serving in Greece’s best interests. So the leader of the main opposition party has called for a vote of confidence in Parliament and for early elections.*

I’m not sure whether I should be disgusted or surprised by such a blatant show of democracy in the modern world. I mean really, how can one be expected to govern if your opposition peers can call you out on all your bullshit and ::gasp:: call for early elections?

Can you imagine if such a thing happened in America? If instead of pissing around and hedging on backing more troops in Iraq, Congress would just censure Bush and his Cabinet for all the crap they’ve done wrong and call for new elections right now? But no, in America, to get Congress on your back you have to do something really wrong, like have sex with an intern and lie about it. Not something like spending billions of dollars on an ambiguous, never ending war. That isn’t wrong, it is American.

Still, I can’t help but watch what is going on in the Greek Parliament and dream of the same thing happening in Congress. Not that an early election would solve many problems, but it would sure get that monkey Dubya off our backs.

*I’m not taking sides here. Of course there are multiple sides to be taken when it comes to Greek government, since there are multiple parties in Parliament. But to me, both of the main parties in Greece are just different shades of socialism, and they both generally seem to be idiots disguised as politicians, just like in America. That is what politics is, after all, isn’t it?


J.Doe said...

I don't know what the Greek government is doing, but lying under oath is a serious offense. (even about something non-important like sex)

Thanos said...

I do not disagree.

However, what is the difference of lying under oath and just lying? Why is it ok for politicians to dump buckets of bullshit on their constituents, but once "under oath" they have to turn into angels from on high? And don't tell me because it's an offense to God. God has said "do not swear, let your yes be yes and your no, no".

I don't know... seems a little hypocritical to me - "oh no! He lied under oath! Impeach!!!". Impeach ALL of them, for lying every day. Impeach yourself when you lie. Oath or no ;)

melusina said...

Well, the point was not that what Clinton did wasn't wrong (although I don't think the question ever should have been asked of him, under oath or not), but that a president can be impeached for something like that, but that an ongoing, what many call immoral and illegal war that very few seem to support anymore - with thousands dead, is not cause for concern.
And that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Bush and his lies.

I realize, however, that other people don't see it that way, and I respect their right to an opinion. I just really don't agree.

Yianna said...

Lying is lying, period. Right on Thanos.

Anonymous said...

I agree with J.Doe. In America, lying under oath, especially for a president! is a major offense.

Thanos said...

I thought church and state were separated in America. Why is lying under oath such a horrible thing, while lying not under oath is (expected) at best frowned upon - if you get caught? It's an interesting discussion I think and perhaps a door to overcoming our personal nearsightedness (of which I plead guilty first).

melusina said...

Doesn't the president take an oath the minute he is inaugurated? I think the entire presidential term is under oath, so any lying by any president is done under oath.