Wednesday, February 28, 2007

You can't miss the bear

Last night was another fun night with my husband's colleagues - and they brought their wives/girlfriends this time. Generally speaking I wouldn't dare fraternize with doctors, but I think the psychiatric specialists are more entertaining than their colleagues who choose "hands on" specialties, probably because psychiatry lies close to the fields of study of the humanities. Yes, I'm a snob like that. It isn't that I have anything against doctors, they have saved my life on a couple of occasions. But I've been poked and prodded enough by them to not really take a shine to fraternizing with them, if you know what I mean.

The taverna chosen for our gathering just so happened to be in the village where we are finishing our new house, a small mountain hamlet with some dramatic history and all the character you can possibly imagine for such a tiny place. The restaurant had a typical mountain hunter theme, and of course featured a wide variety of fowl and beast on the menu (perfect for fasting!) - including kangaroo, ostrich, wild boar, and woodcock (is that really a creature? I've heard of woodchuck, but not woodcock). Adorning the walls and ceiling were stuffed animals of all sorts, including an owl swooping overhead. There was even an arrow shot into the ceiling. Those mountain types take their hunting themes seriously. (Yes, I really wish we had taken the camera with us, although no doubt we'll be going back there)

Still, the environment held a certain charm, and in an odd way added to the festive atmosphere of the evening. We were chatting away, enjoying our food, and suddenly, behind us appeared a giant, lop eared bunny. Ok, not GIANT giant, but giant compared to most bunnies I've seen. It hopped around, enjoying itself, oblivious of the fact that the remains of his family and friends were lying on our table. Putting aside the obvious health code violations of having a rabbit hopping around a restaurant, it certainly added to the entertainment of the evening, although honestly, I can't say I ever expected to see such a thing.

Just when I think I've seen it all something else always comes hopping along to surprise me.


Anonymous said...


even though time is limited
im a giant fan

you ,, were suprised by the mountain types,,,,nawwwwwwwwww.!

still suprise me though
with your writing.

just incase ,
i have heard
were you can get your hands on
a couple of cases
of dr pepper in athens,

anything on gettin some R.C.cola...!



melusina said...

Hiya Zardoz, haven't seen you around in awhile!

I don't think there is any RC Cola to be had around Greece (or Europe, probably). =( We luckily got some more Dr. Pepper so I'll be sick of it soon (doubtful)

I thought someone said that Thanopolous (is that the name of a store?) in Athens had Reese's...