Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dorian Gray has nothing on me

Signs I am getting old:

On TV someone was playing with one of those hand-held gaming devices. I pointed to it and asked my husband if it was one of those new PCPs.

I can't eat anything the least bit spicy or acidic without taking a generous dose of antacid, lest I choke to death on mini-vomit. But I'm not so old to refuse eating spicy or acidic foods. Yet.

Sometimes when I stand up, I groan. Even worse, it happens sometimes upon sitting down.

I can't listen to The Cure (pre-Disintegration era) without falling into intense feelings of nostalgia.

I don't get young people. Of course, I didn't get young people when I was one, so maybe that doesn't count.

Sometimes, when listening to music, I find it to be too loud. Good thing the volume doesn't go to 11, I can't even make it to 6 anymore.

I threw away a fork while I was looking right at it.

Every youngish actor and actress on TV or in the movies is younger than I am. Even the ones that look older than I do.


CHEZ BEZ said...

I do variations of the fork thing more often than I care to admit. Not sure if I can chalk that up to age though.

I'm merely the lovable inspiration for my beautiful wife's eye rolls.

AT said...

Right there with you, babe.

Dixie said...

You didn't list one thing that I don't do as well. Well...except for mixing up PCP and PSP. But it did take me a minute to remember what PCP is!

Mini-vomit. No kidding, if I eat something spicy and don't take a bunch of antacid before bed I'll choke to death on the mini-vomit. There was a brief time when I partied so hard it was in the realm of possibility that I could be so drunk as to choke to death on my own vomit. Now I worry about choking to death after eating nachos with extra jalapinos.

Tim said...

Welcome to our generation, where we age before our time.

john h said...

It was sooo depressing way too many years ago, when I realized I was sighing as I sat down..involuntarily.

the absent-mindedness has been with me a long time as well, manifested most recently by deleting an episode of a TV show on our DVR we just sat down to watch...good grief.

melusina said...

Chez, I never did the fork thing until I got older. Well, unless I was, ahem, on certain substances. But still not that often.

AT, you are too young to be getting old!

Dixie, its a crime, isn't it? I mean, all these things we love our body tries to reject.

Tim, is that what it is? A generational mutation?

John H., now THAT would be frustrating. At least now I know to be aware of such errors.