Monday, February 26, 2007

If I had live blogged the Oscars

3am - Oh, crap. The ceremony starts at 3:30, not 3. I'll never be able to make it through the whole thing

3:05 - My husband is snoring really loud, I can't hear the T.V. Hopefully he'll quiet down before the show

3:25 - I love, love, LOVE Reese Witherspoon's dress, of course, I'm a sucker for purple. My second favorite was Cate Blanchett, who always looks divine.

3:35 - Bored already

3:43 - Ellen is rockin' on the jokes

3:50 - Hubby still snoring too loud. Will poke him.

3:51 - Hubby ignoring the poke.

4:13 - Sound effects choir pretty cool

4:15 - Hubby stopped snoring, yay! I hope he is still breathing. Maybe I should poke him.

4:16 - Hubby still breathing.

4:20 - I'd like to thank people for putting me to sleep by thanking people. I think your thanks and gratitude is understood, besides, you can do it better in person. I know it makes people moist to be thanked on international T.V. but honestly, none of us give a frak.

4:25 - Yay for Alan Arkin! But seriously starting to drift off...

4:30 - If I have to see the robot Johnnie Walker commercial one more time I'm going to fall aslee...zzzzz

5:00 - Zzzzzz

5:30 - Stupid T.V. woke me up. Click. Zzzzz.

6:00 - Zzzzzz

And no, I have no idea who the big winners are. I'm going to try to prevent myself from finding out until I watch the rerun tonight. I better quit browsing the web, then.


AntigoneSis said...

I'm thinking by now you've seen it, and you know who the winners are. Not sure that I can stomach the violence in 'The Departed,' but it would be interesting to hear Scorcese's commentary. I'd like to see/hear from his editor, too, on what she does.
Hope you were happy with the picks--I have seen none of the films nominated, so I am clueless.

Alice in Austria said...

You're hilarious, Mel! And I came to your site to check out your comments on the winners ...

melusina said...

I haven't seen any of the films nominated either, so I am lukewarm on the winners. I've never really been a big Scorcese fan, but of course now I'm curious about The Departed.

I did find it amusing how certain Eddie Murphy looked that he would win when the nominees were announced. I bet he was surprised, and of course now they are saying he left the show in a huff (his camp is saying they planned to leave after his category was announced anyway, yeah, right).