Sunday, June 17, 2007

Learned the hard way

Ketchup does indeed go bad.


J.Doe said...

I never knew that. Thanks.

bryan-in-greece said...

Hardly bears thinking about, Mel!!! Especially if squirted, post-putrefaction, all over carefully prepared nosh :-/

Mine is always kept in the fridge, as are all other sauces from the UK/from Kosmas' in Thessaloniki - at least a bit of refrigeration is likely to hinder any invading bacteria.

melusina said...

J.Doe, you are welcome! Just watch the exp. date. Heh. Honestly, it is ketchup. Who knew?

Bryan - well, we do keep our condiments in the fridge, including the ketchup, but I was lazy and we just happened to have a six month old McDonald's ketchup packet on the table. The expiration date was May 4th, I thought it would still be ok. =p