Friday, June 29, 2007

You, Firestarter

There are fires burning all over Greece today. These fires threaten homes and businesses and the habitats of the wildlife in these areas, and destroy the natural beauty of the forested areas of Greece. In addition, they add to the country’s carbon footprint and bring us one step closer to destruction by global warming.

So to the arsonists that start these fires, bravo. You are really doing your part in this world. I hope you enjoy your deforested property when parts of Greece have become desertified and the rest of Greece has been buried underneath the sea. You may not be alive to see that happen (and mayhaps you’ll be dancing in the flames of Hades), but I’m sure your descendants will be happy to know of your contribution to the world when their inheritance properties have lost all value.

Oh, and guess what, as of today you are murderers as well, since two men died when their vehicle was surrounded by the flames of the fires you started.

Today, I mourn for all the victims of these fires that plague Greece every year – the people, the wildlife, the beautiful forests. Thankfully, these fires cannot permanently damage the natural beauty of Greece’s vast blue shorelines and formidable mountain ranges, but unfortunately, they do damage the hearts and souls of the Greek people.


AT said...

Its an abomination, Mel.

toomanytribbles said...

why greek people in particular? these scumbags destroy the environment of a planet all humans -- and not -- share.

p.s. i've yet to see a soul.

Anonymous said...

This is an absolute tragedy and what makes it worse is the knowledge that human beings are behind it more often that not. It's terrible the amount of aminals and wildlife who are the victims of these cruel acts.

But according to toomanytribbles, the people who have lost everything in this fire, the ones who've had their houses burnt to a crisp through no fault of their own or perhaps the people who've died as a result of these fires don't have souls?

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Wow, what is the deal with that? I am so sorry to hear about the fires and that it is people who have started them!

Yianna said...

The government here needs to find arsonists, prosecute them, and punish them for these acts; it's murder, plain and simple. Also, the laws on the books for reclassification of burnt land must be refashioned to avoid loopholes, and illegal buildings must be razed.

What happened at Parnitha is a tragedy.

Joanne said...

Very well said!!

I remember this abominable "trend" with arsonists setting fires to the land way back in the mid 90s when I lived in Greece. Every summer there were several fires erupting across Greece and destroying rural and mountainous regions, farmland, people, houses, animals, etc.

It is a shame! I am ashamed for these people.

Looks like the some things in Greece never change (grrr).