Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Not another meme

I am notoriously bad at the follow up on memes I'm tagged for. I admit this openly, freely, and shamelessly. After all, I'm an old woman who tends to forget things. Now EllasDevil has plagued me with another 5 things meme (he is completely without ruth when it comes to such things), so I suppose I should give the devil his due and complete the meme.

Five things in my fridge:
Five things in my closet:
  • ten million pairs of slip on house slippers, in black (I go through these suckers fast)
  • 1 million mismatched socks
  • a billion items of black clothing
  • myriad cloth bags of various sizes, from places around the world
  • t-shirts I never wear
Five things in my purse:

Well, my purse is really, really small (about the size of a CD case, in fact, a CD case won't even fit in it) but I have managed to find really, really small items to pack it with.
  • Two teeny tiny flashlights
  • my cell phone
  • my keys
  • my identification
  • a pen
Five things in my car:

Well, since it has been almost two years since we've used our car, I hardly remember what it is still in it. What I know is still in it:
  • My raincoat (yea, real helpful in there)
  • some old CDs (yea, not a good idea)
  • a map
  • a big huge brush to brush crap off the car
  • ??????
Five things in the world I want to see before I die:
I ain't taggin' nobody, because ED already tagged everyone I know!


Anonymous said...

All I can say is better late than never young lady! so I can cross you off the list and go chase the others now!!


CaliforniaKat said...

You're an old lady...please!!!

I love your answers, and thank you for doing the meme with us.

I dreamed of going to the Pyramids all my life, and it was a mixed experience. The pollution is horrible, it's hot as heck and only one pyramid is open if you're one of the lucky first 500 that day. If you're a presentable woman under 40 you've got cover your chest and your ass while crouching down and shimmying into the hole because wiley people grab you in the dark. But you know what, something about seeing it through the pollution for the first time and being there in peace is really quite something.