Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Athenians - don't breathe today!

No reports on the pollution levels here in Thessaloniki, but apparently the intense heat wave is causing pollution levels in Athens to soar above safe levels. According to this article from Kathimerini:

The level of large pollution particles in the air or PM10 emissions in Nea Smyrni, southern Athens, reached 320 mg/m3, surpassing the 240 mg/m3 safety level. High levels of particle emissions, blamed for cancer and respiratory problems, were also recorded in central and western Athens.

Ouch. My Athenian friends, take care.


deviousdiva said...

Yep, we are slowly gasping our last here in Athens.

I'm off to the freezing supermarket!

bryan-in-greece said...

Sorry to be hard, but we reap what we sow... It is absolutely no surprise to me that Athens is in the atmospheric fix it now finds itself in.

Joanne said...

ad nauseam...!!!

I think I lost several years to my life by living in Athens...inhaling pollutants and second hand cig smoke.