Monday, July 02, 2007

Barbie and her fabulous pooper scooper

When I was 9 years old, I took part in a dog shit fight. That’s right, I’m confessing to having once been an active participant in a fierce battle in which stale dog turds were the weapon of choice. Now, it is something I certainly never would have considered doing, except my best friend’s evil older sister, who emanated so much hate towards us because we went to the smart kids’ school and she didn’t get in, decided in her vicious way that throwing dog poo at us was a fitting punishment. And honestly, when you are 9 years old and you have dog shit flung at you, the only reasonable response – smart kids or not – is to fling it right back. Now why my friend’s basement was a veritable gold mine of dog feces is a question I’d still prefer not to answer. I mean, they did have two dogs, and I suppose those two dogs spent some time in the basement. Beyond that, who am I to judge, when I actually used the defecation as a deadly missile.

Honestly though, before that moment of intense anger when the only possible revenge was for me to handle poop, I never once considered touching, holding, or picking up any turds of any kind, which brings me to the point of my post. This toy – Barbie and Tanner Dog – comes complete with fake dog poo, along with a pooper scooper and a bucket to put it in. I don’t know how long this product has been on the market, but I only recently saw a commercial for it here. I do know one thing – while it is completely viable to think that a little girl (or boy) might want a pretend cooking set or even a pretend cleaning set, because emulating adults is what makes kids feel grown up – I never once in my life, when lock step with an adult cleaning up after their dog, had any desire whatsoever to mimic the act of picking up the poo and putting it away. Not to be out done, there is also Barbie Theresa Doll and Mika, which allows you to scoop the litter box after cat Mika has done her business. Honestly, cleaning the litter box was an adult’s job and I never wanted any part of it (I still don’t, which is hard with three cats).

I realize the point of these toys is to teach children good pet care habits (because lord knows adults almost never pick up after their pets these days), but I really don’t see some kid begging for a Barbie pooper scooper (although I do see those tiny plastic turds ending up in some kid’s mouth). I’d be curious how much play time these toys get when actually purchased. I could be wrong, kids today might like to pretend to be handling shit, but I still get the heebie jeebies when I think of that dog poop.


Anonymous said...

Laughing so hard can't breathe. Oh my god. Words escape me. Not the flinging of the poo, but the purchase of the fake poo. This can't be reality. No way. I cannot envision a toy engineer specialist II going to his boss and saying, look here, I've got this idea ... Nor can I imagine the little metal molds in the shape of turds to make the plastic poo over and over ... hell, come to my place kids, I'll give ya some real stuff to pick up.

CaliforniaKat said...

LOL! You're trying to up your 'G' rating, aren't you? Hmmm, or maybe not since some other choice words could have be used.

Pooping is a reality though, so maybe Barbie is just getting more real? That's what I was told when I objected to the book called "Everybody Poops."

Everybody dies too, but I don't think I want a children's book with a bunch of carcasses in it.

Flubberwinkle said...

If the company that makes Barbies wants to give kids the real low-down on life, then they should makes dolls with wrinkles, cellulite and not-so perky boobies.

Shit happens, not just doggie-style.

Cheryl said...

The story of flinging dog crap is too funny! The things that kids will do!
About the Barbie, it's just way too ridiculous. I have seen it. I have also seen the dolls that "really" poop and Shrek that really spews out snot. As a mother of 3 small children none of these realities are necessary to mimic, now or ever!! Gross.