Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why my husband is a dork

When my husband was tasked with putting away groceries this is what I found when I entered the kitchen a couple of hours later:



J.Doe said...

I think that's a cute sculpture. a sign of a creative mind.

susan said...

surely there's a Tonka truck there somewhere..

Flubberwinkle said...

Reminds me of jenga.

Dixie said...

It's like a carb laden Stonehenge!

Wow. I want to grocery shop were you do. You got some good American stuff there!

chez béz said...

Your husband is one cool guy. I have an urge to play Tetris now.

antonis hontzeas said...

Hey, Mel's Diner. Isn't that from the old sitcom Alice??

CaliforniaKat said...

I know what that is. It's an anti-Atkins diet altar!

That's an awful lot of American products, Mel. We have them in our house too, but we stockpile items from America; it's too expensive to buy them here, even with our two salaries.

The Tetris comment is funny!

melusina said...

J.Doe - it is definitely creative, but still dorky!

Susan - lol! No Tonka trucks in this house, for now.

Flubberwinkle - I was so bad at jenga. Embarrassingly bad.

Dixie - Definitely carb laden. We went to a place that stocks a lot of things from other places, we don't shop there often, though!

Chez Bez - he is cool, but still a dork!

Antonis, you got it! But most people forget that the sitcom was called Alice, they think it was called Mel's Diner. Drives me crazy.

Kat - Yea, definitely anti-Atkins. Anti-everything I think. It *is* expensive, but I don't get back to America often enough (well, at all so far) to stockpile. We go maybe once a month and buy a modest amount of things (I think the picture showed everything we got, minus the dijon mustard and Dr. Pepper).

Anonymous said...

He's so angular! The entire sculpture is a series of perfect 90 degree angles. If you'll note on the right he even found a small box of something unidentifiable to prop up the Aunt Jemima mix so that it is perfectly horizontal to the table. What a guy!

deviousdiva said...

Perhaps everyone should encourage him to be more creative in the 'put the stuff in the cupboard" department. ;-)

Your posts about hubby do make me laugh though!

Joanne said...

HA! It's like when I ask my husband to help wash the dishes and he washes pretty much everything except a glass and a spoon. "Who are these waiting for?" I ask. There's an expression in Greek which translates into English as "clean only as much as the Mother-in-Law can see." (Osa Vlepi e Pethera)