Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Beer, bratwurst, and boot-scootin'

The lovely Dixie Peach enlightened us about a country music establishment in Magdeburg, Germany, called Nashville Saloon. I have to say I find the whole German fascination with all things country quite amusing. I’m not sure why, but of all the countries in Europe to have country music fans, Germany seems the least likely. But, if I think about it, the German predisposition for drinking copious amounts of real beer and drunken revelry kinda goes along with the whole country music scene (admittedly, this view of Germans comes solely from reports on Oktoberfest and from drunken German tourists we often ran into on Kos). But, since Magdeburg is an official sister city of Nashville, perhaps it all makes even more sense.

It seems the owners of the Nashville Saloon visited Nashville, and of course, the Wildhorse Saloon, to get ideas and inspiration (and probably kitsch) for their establishment. At the end of this page, they call Nashville “an elegant southern state metropolis where the future lives in the present”. Indeed. Maybe I should consider opening something similar here in Thessaloniki, thus contributing to the domination of the world by all things Nashville. Hey, if I can’t live in Nashville, I might as well bring Nashville to me!


Thanos said...

Mel's Bootin' Scootin' Line Dancin' Beer and Ouzo Drinkin' Gyros Place?

JennDZ said...

I'd go! :)