Saturday, April 21, 2007

The wonderful world of animation

I thought I would share with the world a sampling of the work of a good friend of mine. I must warn you, however - I am proud to say it is highly offensive, somewhat immoral, and some of the best X-rated humor for twisted minds. It is most definitely not work safe, depending on where you work, of course. For those of you who still want to watch it, enjoy.

Poodle Tails: Strange Tales From The Pink Poodle

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bryan-in-greece said...

I love the Internet and how it makes creativity globally available - the video is surreal and yet compelling!

Cynthia Rae said...

This video made me laugh. It reminded me of many of the strippers I met at work.

When I worked on an ambulance in Indy, I went to a lot of strip clubs. Not in my off time, but while we were at work (911 calls). There were tons of low class strip clubs in our district (Over by the Indianapolis Speedway). The funniest calls were always the ones involving stripper fights. Once we arrived and found hair weave all over the floor. One stripper had taken off her shoe and hit another stripper in the forehead with the high heel, leaving a nice bloody wound!

Of course the dancers always hung around us NAKED because police officers and firefighters would go on the call with us. It was so gross because the clubs in that area are really low class. Ah the good old days.

And to think I gave it all up to come and live in Italy!