Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The "relatives" strike back!

Remember this post?

They have struck again! I brought the envelope up with me on my way home and then went into the kitchen or something. When I came back, Mel had the card displayed on my desk, an evil grin on her face.



EllasDevil said...

Both of these cards came from the USA? Obviously this is just a sign that they don't really have the ability to really love their "son in laws" or "nephews". Had the card been printed here in Greece then it would have been different as we have family values etc.

Strangely enough, I don't remember "nephew" and "son" being in quotation marks during the Clinton years. Can we blame this on Bush?!?!?!


Just joking guys... obviously the real reason is obvious to us all Thanos... never mind. Maybe your next wife's family will love you like one of their own?!

I'll stop now!

Flubberwinkle said...

You poor fellow... Gotta love them immediate & extended in-laws. Bunch of thoughtful AND "politically correct" card senders, aren't they?

Looking forward to seeing more quotes in the future... still laughing.

AntigoneSis said...

Oh yeah, didn't you know? Hallmark has an entire division that creates greeting cards for Greek sons-in-law!! :-)