Thursday, April 19, 2007

Only a mother's love can sprout flowers from stone


Demeter shed giant tears of anger and sadness the day Hades stole her beloved daughter away from her fertile mountain home. The nymphs found their punishment as sirens, and the earth became barren while mother and daughter were apart. But the salty, wet grief of the earthen goddess planted magic seeds all over the world that would sprout flowers whether on soil, brick, or mortar as soon as Demeter and her chthonic daughter were again reunited. Dear Persephone, welcome back to the world of the living, where the land blooms again.


Thanos said...

Even though she knew, even though she had been warned, hot tears of sorrow had come streaming from her eyes - the eyes that had beheld Him an infant, a child at play, a grown man come into his own; now nailed to the wood, dying a horrible death, the death of thieves. And three days later - again, although warned, although knowing - she had cried again. This time tears of joy had greeted His return. The seed planted by her burning tears of agony would not die, whether it fell on soil, dirt, stone or marble, nay. Watered by the exultant tears of resurrection, the tears shed over the beloved countenance returned, the seed grows. On this roof and in every one of us. Only a mother's love can sprout flowers from stone.

JennDZ said...

That is beautiful, you guys!
Thanks for the smile today :)