Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cellphones v2.0 (the serious side)

You know, I think back sometimes (not too far back, 6-7 years perhaps) when we (most of us) didn't have cellphones.

What were we missing? I see people cling to their phones, jump at the slightest vibration, take it out and look at it every 5 minutes, making sure they didn't somehow miss the ring. Very amusing when a common ringtone sounds and 5-6 people check their cells, or even just answer. Fast. Time's a-wastin'

Why? What is so god damn important now that wasn't before? What is it that we were lacking 10 years ago, that fills our void now?

I hate cellphones. Hate them. I routinely leave mine at home when I go out. "But we won't be able to reach you".


When I am out, I would like to not hear from my buddies, my work, my patients, the telemarketers. I do not care if I won two new ringtones (download now!!!), I do not care how the DOW did, I do not care if two bombs exploded in my neighborhood. I really don't. There will be time to find out all that when I come back. When I reach my landline, when I turn on my TV. When I'm out, I'm OUT.

I hope this doesn't sound too angry or callous - it is not my intent. But, did I mention? I hate cellphones. They destroy the environment (in more ways than one, do a google search and see), they destroy private time and they damage interpersonal relations.

The only reason I don't toss mine away? They are handy to have in the car in case you break down - and yes. In case some family tragedy befalls one.


bryan-in-greece said...

I share those sentiments entirely. In my experience, other people's cellphones have the capability of spoiling the best-laid plans at the last moment. Either someone gets called away just when you are enjoying their company, or something crops up to force a complete change of plan for the day just when you are setting off on a day-trip, or someone you want to avoid manages to find out where you are when you are out for a coffee with friends and invites themself along. Nightmare. The off button on a mobile is easily the most useful feature.

JennDZ said...

I agree. I use my cellphone very seldom, and I don't hang out all day on them. I never answer it if I am enjoying my day out.