Thursday, May 24, 2007


Since Saturday Thessaloniki has been awash with torrents and torrents of rain. Not all day, every day, but over the course of each day we've had some powerful storms, providing us with much needed rain. It is a blessing, as the winter was so dry, farmers and wildlife were beginning to suffer, and honestly, Greece doesn't need to be any drier in the summer than it normally is. It would be nice if we could avoid some of those devastating fires that happen every year, although I'm sure that is wishful thinking.

At any rate, I'm enjoying the cool, rainy weather while it lasts.


Zorba_the_Greek said...

I'm glad you are enjoying the cool and rainy weather, but, honestly, I prefer sunshine (at least during Summer) :)
I hope that the weather in Thessaloniki will be better, when I will be arriving in a few days, coming from the really "hot" Paris.

Zorba_the_Greek said...
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Zorba_the_Greek said...

I mean Paris,France...not Paris Hilton.

chez béz said...

I love your view.

melusina said...

Lol Zorba. I think next week here in Thessaloniki will prove to be sunny and in the 80s for ya.

Chez Bez, it is a busy view, but there are a lot of people to spy on. ;)