Sunday, May 13, 2007

Euro-bleh-vision 2007

This year’s Eurovision was a complete bust. While overall I think the songs and presentations were more creative and entertaining, the winning song performed by Serbian artist Marija Šerifovic was just, well, blah, in my opinion, quite an ordinary ballad (you can listen for yourself if you want). I miss the excitement of last year’s Lordi win. I guess they all can’t be so crazy.

My favorite song was the Irish entry performed by the band Dervish, who were at the bottom of the barrel in the betting pools. It was a traditional Irish song, which, as far as I’m concerned, you just can’t go wrong with in any situation. I also enjoyed the Georgian entry entitled Visionary Dream, performed by Sopho. It was unique and had a bit of a Garbage-like air about it. Also of note, for the sheer absurdity of it all, was the Ukranian entry. It was pure entertainment. Hubby liked the Romanian (multi-language), Hungarian (blues), and German (Sinatraesque) songs.

At least Greece qualified for next year. They don’t need to host another one for awhile, anyway, after last year's extravaganza.


Yianna said...

I loved the Ukrainian drag queen - she was robbed! Not as much as Lordi, but still. I have never thought of Eurovision as a place for actual vocal talent, so when many of the entrants are trying to be all earnest, like they were this year, it's hard not to be disappointed.

Thought the Germans and the Hungarians were actually too talented to be there. Thought the Turkish guy and the Bulgarian drummers sucked as both singers/musicians and performers.

Zorba_the_greek said...

Eurovision? Well, just a funny party to wave flags, sing and laugh. Having a good time in few words, not a big deal. Nothing more, nothing less. Europe deserves, like a small kid, to play a bit. Eurovision is its opportunity.

Vol Abroad said...

You liked that Irish song. They got exactly the place they deserved.

Overall, I think I liked the Georgian and Bulgarian songs best - I liked the Ukranian act as a whole (song was fine). I thought the Serbian thing was good.

Greece was let down by a slightly shaky performance on the night - but it was very catchy.

JennDZ said...

Sounds like my kind of event! Glad you had funa t any rate!

melusina said...

Yianna, I would have liked to see the Ukranian act win too.

Zorba, yea, it is great fun. But I liked the crazy Lordi win last year, without the Ukranian act winning it was too boring!

Vol Abroad, yea, I guess I'm the only one that liked the Irish song. I didn't think she sang very well, but I liked the song.

JennDZ, they are talking about expanding Eurovision to all over the world - so maybe America will get their own version that is funny and campy and not as serious as American Idol.