Sunday, May 06, 2007

No female Prez for France

Sarkozy has won the French election, at the expense of a female holding the office. Not that I am a supporter of Royal, I think she has said some really irresponsible things, and her plans for her presidency, while nice in an ideal world, just didn't seem to make any practical sense (well, or at least, they would have cost more money than I think could have been covered, but she is a pure socialist, so there you go). Sarkozy is kinda dry, though, I really kinda liked Bayrou, but center liners never make the cut. Still, it ain't my country. Let the French do what they will. I really hope Sarkozy is good for them, funny face and all.

Now, if only the U.S. would hold elections the same way - on a Sunday, with a strict no campaigning day the day before. I mean really, people need to chill for at least 24 hours on that crap. It is nice that European countries allow for that.

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