Monday, May 07, 2007

Extra, extra! Read all about it...

I guess it is time for me to catch up with some memes, which I am notoriously bad at. I’ll start with this magazine meme, since it is the easiest. I was tagged by CaliforniaKat, who was tagged by DeviousDiva.

What magazines do you read?

  1. Time
  2. U.S. Cosmo, when I decide I want it badly enough to spend 10 euros on it (hey, I know, I know, but it is like junk food for your brain, full of mocktacular content)

Yep, that is it. Since I don’t read Greek very fluently, and U.S. magazines cost an arm and a leg here (see above), I don’t splurge on magazines very often. I’d rather save my cash for books. Even if I were in America these days (unless in a doctor’s office) I don’t think I would read many, because magazines got dull to me before I moved here. The good ones I really liked (Utne Reader, Spy, George) either changed too much or went defunct. I was more likely to pick up a random litjournal00 than a magazine.

Magazines I wouldn’t touch?

  1. Juggs (not work or children safe) – or really any of their publishing empire
  2. Playboy (sorry Hef, not even for the articles)

(but I would still buy Hustler if I was interested, because Larry Flynt is a personal hero of mine)

Well, not very interesting, of me, I know. And I’m breaking the chain by not tagging people, but hey, knock yourself out if you wanna do it.

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