Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I was wondering how long it would take bees to come to a realization exactly why their colonies were diminishing, and pay us back for it.

Our mobile phone waves might be interfering with their navigation systems, but it seems as if they still know how to track humans and give us a good ol' fashioned swarm scare:

Authorities evacuated the area Saturday after the swarm of about 3,000 bees emerged from the woods around the West Noble High School football field, where 700 people were participating in a fundraising walk for the American Cancer Society.

My momma always told me not to mess with bees. I'm thinking maybe she was right.


CaliforniaKat said...

Speaking of bees, we've got a bunch of them flying into the house and killing themselves. Not sure how they get in since all the windows and doors are closed. I'm convinced we have a hive and a hole in the kitchen, but I'm told I'm paranoid.

Btw, an American in a forum was looking for stories about American expats in Greece and I gave him your blog (first) and mine to check out since we're people who have been here a long time, not newbies. If you happen to get a flood of hits, that might be the reason.

bryan-in-greece said...

Well, I'll bee!!! :-)

melusina said...

Kat, those bees have to be coming from somewhere. I've actually been to that forum before, but I always forget about it. I get tired of all these ex-pats in Athens ;) I wish I had thought to blog and visit forums when I first moved here, would have been nice to have met some people in Athens.

Bryan, lol