Tuesday, May 24, 2005

World Class Assholes

Not that I fully intend to plop myself knee-deep in the middle of Greek/Turkish relations, but occurances like this really make me wonder what in the hell Turks are thinking. Its not like this is a random occurrance, Turkish fighter planes enter Greek airspace ALL the time. Turkish ships enter Greek waters (sometimes with cameramen in tow). The only reason I can think of this aggression is that they are assholes. Pardon my language, but really. Greek military folks stay the hell away from Turkey, they don't even go there on vacation. They don't play chicken in Turkish airspace just to piss them off. They don't badger the Turkish Coast Guard with claims that "these are OUR waters". As a matter of fact, if so much as a Greek mercantile ship crosses into Turkish waters illegally, they get punished by the Greek government.

Now I do not represent an EU citizen in any way, shape, or form, but should Turkey be able to allow the EU? For one thing, excuse me, but pushing Europe across the Aegean is going just a bit too far. Geographically, of course they aren't Europe. Just because they occupied parts of Europe at one time doesn't make them part of Europe. Culturally they don't seem very European, but I guess they are trying to be. I don't have objections to a Muslim nation being part of the EU, but I bet other very Christian countries do. Of course, Turkey has tried very hard to curb their human rights violations to be in line with EU membership. Well, thank god for THAT. We'd hate to ask them to be reasonable, after all, torture has been a Turkish custom for quite some time. I mean, its not like they are trying to join the U.S.

At any rate, it seems that Turkish leaders do want to improve Greek/Turkish relations. Apparently, they just don't have control of their military.


adfjkaj said...

Hi Mel,

I decided to read all your old posts now that I have finished reading seawitches old ones.

Let me know you saw this post by leaving a short note on my blog if you would.

By the way, from a neighbor of mine in the states who was in the military as a c-130 (not a fighter) pilot, he told me that all fighter pilots dog fight each other as a way of staying fit to fight. He says that the Greeks enjoy these dogfights as well so they can stay in top shape so to speak. Although the media tends to hype up these encounters, I'm sure the Greek military enjoys them as they get some real time training.

Ertuğrul Dikbaş said...

Americans and Greeks are assholes. We ruled this part of the world for 400 years. We don't need the EU, but the EU needs us to exploit. The West is a dying civilization. There are 400 millions Turks in the world, if we unite, nothing can stop us.

Anonymous said...

Let’s keep supplying state of the art American warplanes to the Turks.

Let’s turn the Turks into the new Americans in the Mediterranean.

Let the Turks have their way with those Greek Assholes.

After all didn’t the Greeks apply for an Patent on Anal sex?

Let the Turks have some with those sodomizing fools.

After they sharpen their aim they will be ready for the next assignment, the Iraqis.

Anonymous said...

I love these positive comments on the Greeks.

Every time I have been involved in any type of transaction with a Greek I always feel screwed afterwards.

If you ever shake hands with a Greek make sure your other hand is covering your rear.

I’m glad the Turks have found a way to screw these idiots back.

I am going to write the president urging him to supply the Turks with the biggest bombs we have as long as they are dropped on those asshole Greeks.

Hey kolotripida, it’s a telegram.

Don’t forget the Trojan horse, beware of Greeks bearing gifts, it’s probably a dagger designed to cut your throat.

Demetrios Kakavas

Anonymous said...

The EU is not paradise. Its civilisation means gay marriage, xenophoby, racism, drugs abuse, falling birthrates, consumerism and other satanic features. We Turks don't need these shits. Let them be yours...
And, the Turkish military displays on its Website the violations of the Greek air- and seacraft. They permanently disturb Turkish zones at air and sea....
Further, look at Greece...they don't produce even a pencil. They buy everything from abroad. They live on naval cargo business, tourism and EU-fonds. They are parasites of the world. Their culture is stolen from the Turkish one, from music to food they imitate Turkish culture. They have 5000 Turkish words in their language. If i would curse them in Turkish, they would understand me, but i don't curse them, because they are not worth it...

Anonymous said...

The Mongoloid Turks really need to fuck off back to Central Asia where they belong. Once a steppe horse-rider, always a steppe horse-rider.

Uncivilized rabble...

krhtikapos said...

gamieste poustarades!!!!!!!!!!