Friday, September 01, 2006

Best basketball game ever!

Congratulations Ellada!!!!!! I knew you could do it!!! With a final score of 101-95, Greece dazzled their way to victory in the FIBA World Championship semi-final match against the U.S. They definitely seemed to be blessed by the gods towards the end of the second quarter, and I could have sworn I saw the outlines of Athene and Apollo on the court, guiding them along.

If you have an opportunity to watch the game, I highly recommend it. It was a great game, both teams played extremely well. I feel a bit guilty that I rooted for Greece, but they were the underdogs here, and I have a soft spot for underdogs.

Woohoo! On to the finals!!!

PS. I told y'all Greece could win!!!!


Anonymous said...


I have to agree... It was a fantastic game!

Well done guys!!

Anonymous said...

"both teams played extremely well"

Um, not the U.S.: they shot just 2 of 10 from three point range, 59 percent from the foul line, for an awful 32 percent total (just awful).

Greece, OTOH, was terrific, making 25 of 33 shots in the 2nd and 3rd quarters.

Now that Argentina is out, Greece should take the whole thing in the final.

Ergotelina said...

Where is NBA fame?...


Anonymous said...

zardoz says :

beware of greeks ,,of the strong silent type ,,.

OK mel , i'll eat crow ,youwere right.

Seems lebron and partners are heavy with cash , and not very hungry .


Green Monster said...

First Congrats to Greece:

I've said it before. Why doesn't the NBA make it mandatory that the Olympics and International Competetition are part of the "normal season" of play.

I've heard the arguments about some bigshot players who don't want to miss their vacation, or just are not interested. They say that the NBA is a business and can't force players to play internationally.

I truly don't mind the USA losing, but where were the best players:

Shaq, Kobe, Tracy Mcgrady, and a few others who could have made a difference.

How does Greece, Spain etc get all their best players to play. Isn't in their league rules that the best players go to the national team and accepted as the norm.

Can we convice the TEAM USA to be a part of the regular NBA philosophy and rules.

Am I making sense?

Thanos said...

Yea, you're making sense and it's kind of sad that the NBA (the National Basketball Association) stars cannot be bothered to play for their country in a prestigious international competition. I guess no millions to be gained there...

Still, I would welcome the challenge of any Shaq. Greece might not win - or it might. For I do not think it was worse technique on the part of the american players, not lesser physique, not their being "second rate" that cost the U.S. the match.

It was that the U.S. did not play as a team. There was no cohesion, no love between the players, no instinctive understanding of each other's intentions. It was just a collection of stars (second or first rate, it doesn't matter), each playing their own kind of basketball. The greek team on the other hand wove magic. They moved as one body, many tentacles connected to one mind. They displayed technique, but most importantly interest. Love of the game. Respect of each other and the opponent.

What we call soul.

Green Monster said...

Thanos Well said... Soul, Brother! Soul!!

Well, I was amazed to find out that we've only had a national basketball team program for about a year now in the states.

Apparentely, you are right. They just throw together whoever wants to play and they (players) just do their own thing. But, they did definitely do better this time than during the Olympics.

7-1 is still a respectable showing in any tournament.

Now, some other observations I've read. Some Sports illustrated journalists were making fun of the Greek journalists for doing the following:

- Making statements to the NBA players (not asking questions)

- Kissing, hugging and cheering on the Greek team during the game

The Sports Illustrated journalist was quoted as saying "Real objective journalists those Greeks".

Now, Is he right, or are the American journalists just too passive?


Thanos said...

They should get the sticks out their asses. Sports journalism (in my opinion) is only half-serious. Of course they are going to be rooting for the home team! That doesn't mean they don't report on the team's shortcomings, the errors etc. But let's not pretend that you need to be a cool headed Dan Rather to comment on a basketball game. I found that too funny =)