Sunday, September 03, 2006

You can't win them all

Yes, I am too depressed for words today after Greece's abysmal loss to Spain today in the FIBA World Championship finals. Obviously, the Spaniards wanted it more.

Congratulations to Spain, and I'll try not to hold the Greek team in too shabby a light. After all, they played excellently until today. 2nd place isn't too bad, I guess.


Thanos said...

I was not disappointed - how could I be? The spaniards played better, or we played worse, but it doesn't matter. Looking at their faces at the end of the game, I could see they wanted it more and perhaps deserved it more. I'm glad they got their wish and they looked really happy. Not that the greek team didn't make me proud, quite the contrary. It's a game and it's about sportsmanship and friendship :)

Scruffy American said...

Apparently, you’ve realized that one rogue win against AMERICA does not mean you really are some kind of a champion.

Remember, even during the glory years of the Showtime Lakers or the Jordan Chicago Bull years, even those teams lost a game now and then.

The American NBA team is still the best in the world and no fluke win by the Greek team will take that away.

Oh, by the way, congrats to Greece for their win against the USA, but we’ll be back in China to kick the Chop Suey out of you in revenge.

Thanos said...

I am the first to recognise flukes (see European Championship, soccer) but this my friend was no fluke.

I realise it's a sore spot (who likes to lose anyway?) but it was a show of superiority and the result would have been the same no matter what. What's more, Spain would have probably demolished the U.S. team too and the reason? Check my comment a couple of posts down ("Best basketball game ever!").

Scruffy American said...

I disagree.

Argentina only lost by one point to Spain, and TEAM USA clobbered ARGENTINA. So, I presume that they (USA)would have clobbered SPAIN also, just like the USA did to Spain in the 2004 Olympics.

And, again, I gently remind you that even the SHOWTIME LAKERS and the MICHAEL JORDAN era CHICAGO BULLS lost a game now and then, and even by a wide margin on occasion. It happens to the best of teams, and this was just a fluke loss. Remember, team USA only lost that one game (against Greece) during the whole tournament.

But, hey, it's just my opinion! And hell, we didn't lose to Greece by 30 points (like the Gold Medal match) but a mere "6" points.

Thanos said...

I guess we'll agree to disagree. Next time the US should try to get a team down to the tourneys instead of a collection of players. And some national pride. And some spirit. All these things Greece had. And Spain. I did not see it in the US team - but perhaps it's just me. As I said, we can agree to disagree :)

Larry said...

Oh I doubt it... Scruffy American has thrown his pacifier big time over this tournament.

I think you summed it up pretty well in your first post when you said it's all about sportsmanship and friendship so I offer heart felt congratulations to Spain for their victory. They deserved it, also well done to Greece for making it too the final. Also well done to all the other teams.

I don't think we need to have sore loosers, after all, it's only a basketball game!

Scruffy American said...

Larry, how can you say this. I thought you were my friend. Are you not still a fan of TEAM USA?

Bill said...

Really the NBA blows. US basketball gave it up some time ago and isn't coming back. That they were even in the championships was pretty much a fluke.

Anonymous said...

Bill, please put down the water-bong and go take a nap!! Too much chronic will warp your mind.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Scruffy: if the US and Greece play ten times, US wins nine.

Remember, in the game Greece won, the Greek team shot over 60 percent (a phenomenal ratio), and the US team was around 30 percent.

Now I'm not saying the Greeks were lucky to shoot over 60 percent, but it's really hard to do that consistently (just look at how badly Greece shot in the final).

Yet, even with that huge shooting difference, the US team lost by just six points.

Anonymous said...

Well I suppose the most important fact of the game is that Greece won and the US didn't, therefore Greece made it to the final and the US didn't.

It doesn't matter in any sport how much you win by, just winning is enough.

I'm happy I found this blog, the 'debate' is too funny. Team USA can make as many excuses as they like (although to be fair, they are not.. just some of the supporters are who can't accept they lost).

Could you imagine a football team saying "oh well we only won by one goal so it doesn't really count"


melusina said...

Well, anyone who has watched any basketball over their lifetime can't deny that Greece played some good basketball during the tournament, aside from the final match. I was quite impressed, actually, and this coming from a girl who was so in love with Michael Jordan back when he played for UNC and watched his every move. In fact, I was such an acute observer of basketball that I picked three of the final four in college basketball three years running. The Greek team had it all. They played basketball the way the NBA used to play basketball - without a lot of pomp and circumstance. Of course, I can't the blame basketball players, most sports in the U.S. have become like that.

Remember that all four teams in the semi-finals were undefeated in the tournament. They were all playing good basketball. The U.S. has to realize that they aren't the only ones playing well anymore, and the players, and the fans, need to learn something that seems to have been long lost - good sportsmanship.

I'm disappointed Greece won, but I still congratulate Spain on their win. They deserved it.

Rodney King said...

Can't we all just get along?

Another USExpat said...

I think what is going on when one reads most American commentators (example above) they are crying about how bad the US team did -- making excuses -- they never say anything good about the other teams.

It is an unfortunate problem with the US worldview.

I would like to say the US team did very well. Congratulations to our players! The players on Team US are actually much better than the NBA "stars" who are more or less "brands" and not really much to watch as players. What is going on is the NBA players are afraid of competition of this type.