Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Big pimpin'

I realize the show Extreme Makeover has been on and off the air in America for some time now. It hadn't yet made it on air before I moved to Greece, so when it started coming on late nights on one of the local Greek channels, my husband and I have had occasion to watch it now and then.

Being a doctor, my husband is more interested in the surgery part, which doesn't get much airplay on this show (unlike Dr. 90210, which is more surgery than I want to see, thankyouverymuch). Still, we both have a fascination with the reveal and the before and after pictures. Some of these people get MAJOR work done, and look like totally different people in the end. And that seems weird to me, especially the people who have children. If my mom or dad had gone through major face-altering surgery I don't think I could have accepted it - I wouldn't even let my dad shave his beard for goodness' sake.

After last night's episode, which showed some extremely extreme makeovers, my husband turned to me and said "You know what? This show is just like Pimp My Ride!"

Indeed. But I think we need to quit watching so many reality shows.

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