Sunday, March 04, 2007

Oddities abound in advertising

As my husband and I enjoyed our new found supply of Dr. Pepper, we noticed the can contained what appeared to be the U.K. slogan for Dr. Pepper. There have been a lot of famous slogans for this popular soft drink over the years, including the one closest to my heart - "wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?" - but this one takes the cake. It is even weirder than the past Mr. Pibb slogan of "put it in your head".

Honestly, if the best they can come up with is "what's the worst that could happen?" they either need a new advertising agency or they've simply decided they don't need catchy phrases to sell Dr. Pepper anymore. Because the worst that can happen can range from being eaten by a roving pack of wild pigs to global nuclear war to finding maggots in your can of Dr. Pepper, so I really don't think they want to go there. Perhaps next year the slogan can be something along the lines of "better than getting rug burn on your bum".

Dr. Pepper. Indeed, it makes the world taste better.


Anonymous said...

I think you have to be in a country to understand the campaigns.

Dr Pepper didn't have a great uptake in the UK when it was released.

I searched online and found this on a site where people listed their favorite ads:

The Dr Pepper one when he gets trapped in the fridge and has to take all his clothes off and is rushed out the supermarket with the tele crew there filming and everything.

Dr Pepper! Whats the worst that can happen!

The ad campaign in the UK features many different scenarios where people are convinced to try Dr Pepper, after all, what's the worst that could happen?

And in each ad, something strange/embarassing and bad did happen!

It's all part of the British humor

CHEZ BEZ said...

I do love that great British humour.

Fighting the urge here to add that line to the bottom of my resume.

melusina said...

To their credit, my husband and I use the phrase EVERY TIME we can work it into conversation and it is totally hilarious. But selling a drink on the worst thing that can happen is a bit weird - it only works if you've seen the commercials!

And how could people not like Dr. Pepper in the U.K.???? Crazy Brits! I just wish they'd bring it here lock, stock and barrel, instead of us having to stake out special places to get it.

Chez Bez, I would die laughing if I read that at the bottom of a resume. But I suppose it isn't a good idea. =p