Wednesday, March 28, 2007

In which I am getting the hang of vegan cooking

Thanks for everyone's wishes to get better, I am doing a bit better today. I still can't hear worth a damn but my tissue usage has been dramatically reduced.

Since we all know good food can make you feel better, I decided to make this vegan lasagna recipe today. It wasn't anywhere near as complicated as I thought it would be, and despite the fact that my husband thought the tofu looked like a big blob of goo, the lasagna was absolutely delicious. We still haven't found any nutritional yeast around these parts, so we just added some shredded soy cheese to the filling mixture. Our lasagna ended up not completely vegan, however, as we discovered that the brand of lasagna noodles we always use (Barilla) contains egg. Ah well. I'll be sure to find a non-eggy brand next time.

The presentation isn't so great, but I'm not as worried about how the food looks as how it tastes. And it tasted gooooood. I am totally in love with SusanV's Fatfree Vegan Kitchen blog. It has made this fasting period much better, that's for sure! Special thanks to DeviousDiva for turning me on to it!


deviousdiva said...

I'm really happy that you are enjoying the cooking blog. I'll have to take another look myself! Try and get my carnivore boys into a bit of vegan goodness.

Anonymous said...

Not long to go now. I'm sure we can all hold out. I can't wait to be free of this vegan no fun food*

*Apologies to those who actually 'choose' to be vegan.

Vol Abroad said...

well - it looks good enough to eat - that's all the presentation you need.

Yemi said...

Oh man, that looks really good.