Thursday, March 01, 2007

Blood moon

Should Saturday night prove to have clear skies, a total lunar eclipse will be visible to Greece, along with the rest of Europe, Africa, and Western Asia.

The eclipsian (ok, that's not a word) time table from NASA is as follows (UT is the same as GMT):
  • Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 20:18:11 UT
  • Partial Eclipse Begins:  21:30:22 UT
  • Total Eclipse Begins:  22:44:13 UT
  • Greatest Eclipse:  23:20:56 UT
  • Total Eclipse Ends:      23:57:37 UT
  • Partial Eclipse Ends:  01:11:28 UT
  • Penumbral Eclipse Ends:  02:23:44 UT
For Greeks, the eclipse will pass between 2230 and 0430, with the peak of the eclipse between 0100 - 0200. North and South America will be able to view part of the eclipse at moon rise, and Eastern Asia, Australia, and New Zealand at moon set.

We can expect some cool color changes on the shadowed moon, but don't be too superstitious, because lunar eclipses happen up to three times a year.

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